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Science Block Advisors offers trusted, leading investment advice and exposure to blockchain tech and digital currency investing.
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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the next major platforms for innovation and foundational technology.

Science Block Advisors was developed to give structure to blockchain and cryptocurrency-related businesses and to develop and manage high-risk crypto currency and crypto infrastructure projects.



Research & Analysis

Our comprehensive cryptocurrency research and analysis platform guides our industry outlook.

Crypto and Blockchain Strategy

Our goal is to gradually build value over an extended period of time by curating innovative and promising blockchain and cryptocurrency related businesses that are positioned for long-term success.

Blockchain Use & Innovation

Blockchains are creating verifiable trust in the transfer of value of digital currency. For more than five years, Science has been studying the highly disruptive blockchain ecosystem. Given our track record and launch of the first ICO blockchain incubator, we are well versed in guiding innovative blockchain entrepreneurs to help turn their ideas into viable long-term businesses.

Mining & Infrastructure Investing

We advise on cryptocurrency mining and infrastructure projects.

Digital Currency Asset Class Development

Digital currency maturation as an asset class is increasing daily due to its growing liquidity and market capitalization. Our analysts have the technical expertise to help develop new blockchain-based assets that are highly liquid and well-positioned to become the “blue chip” cryptocurrencies.


Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Mike Jones is an internet executive, investor and strategic advisor and CEO of Science, Inc. He is one of Los Angeles’s most active angel investors with more than $2.5B in exits. His exits in 2016 alone included Science portfolio companies HelloSociety (acquired by New York Times), FameBit (acquired by Google) and Dollar Shave Club (acquired by Unilever). He is also a long-time entrepreneur. He started his first company in college, and he was previously the CEO of Userplane (acquired by AOL), Tsavo (acquired by Cybermedia), PBJ (acquired by JB), MySpace (acquired by Specific Media), Myspace Japan (acquired by Softbank), and FIM (acquired by Rubicon Project).
Peter Pham

Peter Pham

Peter Pham is a co-founder at Science. The company has co-founded and invested in more than 70 companies, including Dollar Shave Club, HelloSociety, and FameBit among others. More recently Science created one of the top 100 iOS Apps called Wishbone. Peter has helped his portfolio raise over $350M since Science’s inception five years ago. Previously as an operator, he had been a part of building companies like Photobucket leading to its $300M acquisition in 2007 to Fox Interactive Media as well as CEO of BillShrink, which was acquired by MasterCard.
Greg Gilman

Greg Gilman

Greg is a founder of Science Blockchain and co-founder and general counsel of Science Inc. He’s a Managing Director of the Science Ventures Fund. In addition to numerous other board positions, he sat on the boards of HelloSociety and PlayHaven until each was acquired. He is the Executive Chairman of RxVantage, and previously served as a Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Law at Pepperdine University School of Law, where he designed and taught courses in intellectual property law and licensing. He also held FINRA (previously NASD) Series 7 and Series 63 licenses.
Tom Dare

Tom Dare

Tom Dare is a co-founder and CFO at Science. The company has co-founded and invested in more than 70 companies, including Dollar Shave Club, HelloSociety, and FameBit among others. Prior to Science, he was VP of business intelligence at Myspace and COO at Tsavo Media. Prior to Tsavo, Tom spent four years in charge of strategic development for Spark Networks (AMEX: LOV) and before that was part of the founding management team at Move (NASDAQ: MOVE).
James Hicks

James Hicks

James is an Asset Manager at Science. He has 12+ years of experience working with startups and growth sector businesses—serving as a co-founder and managing over 10 businesses across e-commerce, marketplaces and mobile in the last 4 years that have raised over $60m from top-tier VCs. Former investment banker who managed over 30 IPOs for technology, consumer and healthcare companies.
Talia Rosenthal

Talia Rosenthal

Talia is an Asset Manager at Science. She has experience building and scaling startups throughout Southeast Asia—and has managed 10 businesses across education, marketplaces, social and e-commerce. Formerly at Fisher Investments.

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